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Mainland China and Hong Kong was once the Prada Prada SpA of the hottest prada uk growth markets, but today it has become the biggest drag on the company's profits.

In the first half of the fiscal year in Prada, this luxury company net profit fell by nearly a quarter, because of its sales in mainland China and Hong Kong prada online uk markets dropped.

For the luxury goods industry, mainland China and Hong Kong was once a booming prada shop uk market, and now already become the Achilles' heel of this industry.

Like many other luxury goods industry practitioners, like the Italian brand sales in the mainland Chinese market is also being continued to decline, because the prada outlet online uk Chinese consumers choose personally to Europe and Japan to buy handbags and other luxury goods.

Affected by exchange rates and import duties and other factors, so do allow Chinese consumers want to buy at a lower price of luxury. At the same time, Chinese authorities are cheap prada bags uk campaigning against corruption and gift-giving behavior, but also lead to demand for the luxury market setback.