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Prada's performance in other areas is relatively good. For example, sales prada handbags uk of the first half of the fiscal year the company comes from the Americas grew by 13.5% over last year.

if not included in the effects of changes in exchange rates year on year increase of 6.1%. In Europe, the first half of fiscal year revenue growth of 4.9% over last year, mainly prada handbags outlet uk due to the increase in the number of tourists and the local impact of recovery in demand.

Several analysts have pointed out, the Italian luxury goods company also damaged due to lack of innovative products. To overcome this problem, Prada is planning to release new prada handbags uk store , this product is generally speaking can play a role in promoting the growth of its performance.

profit margins are high. For example, this summer, Prada launched a handbag called Inside, the company said it will launch more products in the Christmas Eve.

Prada company also is working to cut costs, streamline purchasing and manufacturing, and other business processes. Ghali said the company will continue to cut all discount prada handbags uk unnecessary spending, especially promotion-related expenditure, but the magnitude of spending cuts will not reach the level of damage to make the brand.

With Prada implement such cost-cutting program, the company opened new stores will begin prada handbags uk online to slow the speed of next year, Prada CEO Paji Ou Bell Terry (Patrizio Bertelli) said.